Our Corporate programs assist companies in identifying genetic or behavioral traits that present an increased risk profile for illness or chronic disease by implementing systemic changes to reduce or eliminate this risk and lead a more healthy life. They do it because it’s working; the increase has become self-evident as insurance costs have continued to rise around the country. In fact, 2009 saw annual increase in the average per-employee cost of health benefits rose 5.5% percent.

We are committed to families and their loved ones, the workplace, health departments and individuals to ensure improvement in reducing preventable illness in our communities.


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Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is a comprehensive group of health related questions that gives participants an evaluation of their current health status and quality of life. The HRA promotes health awareness by reviewing participants’ personal lifestyle practices and revealing health issues that could be impacted by personal choices.

Certified health professionals will review each participant screening result, offer helpful recommendation with steps to improve personal health risk. Pyrimed system is a health management plan which offers a variety of health related brochures used by participants to monitor there scores.

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Have you ever wondered about the average health condition of your most important asset your employees? Maybe you considered offering incentives that would encourage healthy habits. Well On-site Biometric Screening events for corporations, should be your starting point in assessing this information. Key Biometrics such as workplace cholesterol, employee glucose screening are often the most requested service because it provides accurate comprehensive group of tests use to determine both individual and population overall health risk.

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