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Dr. H. Williams  Sr. Wellness Director, the Care Management idea was conceived by Dr. Williams in 2009 after he established his first Home Care practice. He thought it would be an excellent idea to promote preventive hospitalized care and serve his community by providing In-Home Care services, along with other duties in his career that would promote well-being in the homes for those unable to care for themselves such as seniors, and the disabled with community base provider services. It was not until 2014, he decided to team up with an aggressive young upstart company and funded the campaign to carry out his mission of providing this public service.

After developing the Care Management business dynamics and line of services such as In-Home Care for seniors, along with Disability Care services, he could not have fathomed the success and gratification it brings to assist individual families, and communities with such much needed provider services. Pyrimed has developed a reputation of excellence with their member clients and continues to growth among the senior populations.





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