Companion Care Management

Companion Care

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your loved one’s home is not as clean as it has been, or that he or she clothing shows signs of stains, and dirt. You may be worried sick about a recent fall or noticing signs of necessary safety precautions are not been followed.

It can be heart wrenching and painful to see a loved one who is losing the ability to care for his or herself. Often these functional curtailment sometimes can happen gradually, or from recent fall, or depression.. Regardless of the reason, if you’re worried about safety or the condition of your love one, it’s important to discuss these issues with your loved one to evaluate the need for external care.

  • Assistance with Morning & Evening Routines
  • Casual Cosmetic Assistance
  • Hair Appearance Care
  • Accompany Clients on Walk and Recreations
  • Shopping and Running Errands
  • Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Mental Stimulation and Activity


At Pyrimed our  care team are specially trained on how to provide care for aging or disabled family members.

Rest ashore our team have been trained to offer assistance with care, all with the utmost respect, professionalism and sensitivity to privacy.

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